At Kurralea we sell approximately 500 Poll Dorset & White Suffolk rams a year. We are committed to breeding sheep to suit all areas of the commercial market. Here is what some of our clients have to say about using Kurralea genetics.....


Bill Newton – FS Falkiner & Sons, Riverina, NSW

FS Falkiner & Sons breed up to 15,000 lambs on their Boonoke, Burrabogie & Baratta properties, using Kurralea Poll Dorset & White Suffolk rams over their plainer long bodied Merino ewes. It is 14 inch plains country. They market sucker lambs in the 18 to 21kg weight range and store lambs to finishers
“In good seasons up to 70% go as suckers. Finishers line up to purchase the stores as they know they go on and perform. We use Kurralea rams and they do very well for us. They are long bodies and meaty sheep and their depth of quality and consistency is exceptionally good. They are performers and because we buy so many we must get that consistency. That is the sign of a very good stud.”


Greg Moncrieff – Moncrieff Livestock, Condobolin, NSW

Moncrieff Livestock regularly buys Kurralea Poll Dorset rams to go over Merino ewes of their clients. These clients mainly produce later maturing heavyweight lambs.
“We buy at Kurralea quite simply because they have the biggest, productive and most mobile rams with meat and muscle that suit our purpose in our environment. We appreciate the quality of the Kurralea rams; their progeny really pack on the weight.”


Trent Adams, Chatsworth House, Chatsworth, Victoria

Chatsworth house runs an intensive breeding program, lambing down 10,000 specifically developed composite ewes. They use Kurralea White Suffolk rams over these ewes.
“We market over the hooks at around 18-22kg carcase weight. Lambs are weaned and finished on Lucerne and stubbles. The Kurralea rams have excellent bone, structure, frame size, length and easy durability. They are good all round rams and certainly do the job for us.”


Alex Gemmell, “Tracton’, Mirrool, NSW

Tracton breeds 1500 to 1700 prime lambs per year by putting Kurralea Poll Dorset rams over cross bred ewes bought in mainly from Temora. They lamb in May and wean and shear the lambs in late September. They are then taken on with grain feeding to heavyweights at around 30kg carcase weights or heavier. They have been buying Kurralea rams for 35 years.
“If you want to get top results with lambs you’ve got to be prepared to feed them. Kurralea rams have the genetic capacity to convert that feed into good lambs that will continue growing rapidly through to these heavy weights. We initially couldn’t get over their length and muscling and that combination puts the weight into their lambs.”