Management Practices

Kurralea’s Selection & Management Policy – No Compromise

At Kurralea we adhere to a well defined selection and management policy, with no compromise on the basic principles of that policy. However, at the same time we keep a very close eye on commercial lamb market trends and adjust this plan in line with emerging trends and needs for the major markets.

To enable our clients maximum market options, while achieving excellent returns in the present market place, we have found the most profitable and flexible type to be bigger framed and easy doing stock with length, rapid growth rates and sound structure. High muscling capabilities combined with loin length in particular, not only cater for the maximum profit parameters, but also for important practical survival and reproduction points in the breeding flock.

In all classing and selection situations, we assess stock visually first, before any performance parameters are considered. Any stock not up to a very high standard for structural soundness, are culled to slaughter regardless of their performance levels. Over the years this policy has ensured we are now achieving a very high pass mark and an exceptionally high standard through all our stock, including surplus breeding stock that are offered for sale. To test our stock for structural correctness and breed type and standards we undertake a major show program. The consistent success we have achieved against the leading studs in the country, strongly endorses our selection policy and standards.

Kurralea’s stock also consistently rank at the very top end for all the current & relevant Lambplan performance parameters, thus providing a unique package of performance combined with breed excellence. The selection for high growth on bigger/longer framed sheep combined with more than adequate muscling, has resulted in high yielding stock, consequently with very high “carcase plus” indices. This high performance type is suitable for multiple market outlets, and while it allows flexibility in lamb marketing, it also gives maximum profit/premiums in the “elite lamb” export markets, plus the lucrative domestic restaurant trade.