Breeding Aims


Stud sheep breeding is our passion – producing high quality sheep stacked with breed leading genetics & a sound – attractive phenotype is our goal.

Here at Kurralea Studs, we aim to breed larger framed, structurally correct sheep with well balanced performance figures & the ability to thrive in a vast variety of conditions & geographical areas.

And we believe there will always be a very important place for visual assessment of sheep.

The challenge we set ourselves is to breed the visual sheep we love, that is backed by the performance figures we know are required to meet clients objectives.

Along with that are the practical management advantages Kurralea has always placed strong emphasis on, such as clean points, especially open faces, mobility & most important of all, libido & fertility.


Objective measurement through Lambplan has been adopted from its beginning, not to replace any of the above selection principles, but rather to add an extra layer of information to improve on them; sharpening practical focus & accuracies, while removing sentiment or emotion from the equation.

While the commercial focus, enhanced by Lambplan data plays a major part in Kurralea’s success, the show ring has also been important in putting the sheep under the eyes of independent assessment, while gaining wider exposure than possible by any other means.

Without getting into race for individual highs for various traits or indices under Lambplan testing, Kurralea continues to look at balanced figures across all the important traits & continues to rank very highly in this area.