Kurralea Poll Dorset & White Suffolk sale tops at $17,000

Kurralea Poll Dorset & White Suffolk sale tops at $17,000

Dugald McIndoe, Smithston Poll Dorset & White Suffolk stud, Glencoe, pipped everyone at last week’s annual Kurralea Poll Dorset & White Suffolk sale, after he took home both the top priced rams at $15,000 & $17,000.

In the wrap up, 22 Poll Dorset stud rams averaged $2830, with the flock portion seeing 101, average $1048, while 17 White Suffolk stud rams averaged $3059, 91 White Suffolk flock rams, averaged & six Suffolk rams topping at $1600 & averaging $1000.

The top ram on the day was a son of the $68,000 Anden Cruiser sire, with a post weaning weight of 17.1, with a carcase plus (CP) index of +206, who Mr McIndoe said had so much power & presence & offered them an outcross to their stud.

The top Poll Dorset stud ram Kurralea 511-17, was also purchased by Mr McIndoe for $15,000, who had a PWWT of 15.9, CP of +197 at 135kg and will go with 65 stud ewes recently purchased from Kurralea to start their Poll Dorset stud.

“He has balance, muscle & softness and is the best Poll Dorset ram I have seen for quite a while,” he said.

Simon & Melissa Male, Aberdeen Poll Dorsets, Henty, led the sale, buying the 132kg, Kurralea 501-17, by the Kurralea K037-15 sire with a CP figure of +206 for $5000.

Mr Male said he loved the big upstanding presence of the ram with plenty of length that also offered an out-cross opportunity for their stud, while having good growth figures to match their stud.

Ian &Brayden Gilmore, Baringa White Suffolks, Oberon, secured a Anden Cruiser son for $3000, before snapping up Kurralea 622-17 for $4500.

The Sammon Brothers, Bungeet, Vic, purchased three Poll Dorset stud rams at $2417, while Conapaira White Suffolks, Rankin Springs, secured  two at $4000 and $3250 and Roger Honner, Marrar, paid $4750 & $5250 for two Poll Dorset stud rams.

Rick Mattiske, Geraldra, Stockinbingal, set a solid floor price for Poll Dorset rams securing 19 at a $1213 average while Australian Food & Agriculture, Conargo, set the pace buying 49 Poll Dorset rams for $1071 & 40 White Suffolk rams at $760 apiece.

Other buyers included the Ziems Brothers, Young, with four Poll Dorsets at $1050, three White Suffolks at $833 & two Suffolk rams at $1300, Lake Repose Partnership, Glenthompson, Vic, bought nine White Suffolks at $922, Ravenstone Pastoral, Wagga, secured 16 White rams at $931 & W and L Ramsey, Condobolin, loaded four Poll Dorsets at $1000 & six White Suffolks at $1392.

The sale was conducted by Elders with Joe Wilks and Michael Glasser, GTSM, as auctioneers.

Courtesy of Brett Tindal, THE LAND