Kurralea rams top at $11,000

Kurralea rams top at $11,000

Kurralea Poll Dorsets & White Suffolks cleared a whopping 356 head at their on-property sale this week.

The Prentice family, Ariah Park averaged $1781 overall at their 18th annual production sale, which topped at $11,000.

Kurralea studmaster, Ben Prentice said after the sale he was “blown away by the results”.

Top price for a stud Poll Dorset ram at $11,000 was paid by the partnership of Garry & Catherine Armstrong, Armdale Park Poll Dorsets, Marrar, and Andrew & Donna Scott, Valley Vista Poll Dorsets, Coolac.

Top price for a stud White Suffolk ram was paid by R.J. Hage, “April Hill”, West Wyalong.

Individual averages for rams offered included $3491 for 29 stud Poll Dorsets, $2309 for 16 stud White Suffolks, $1640 for 160 flock Poll Dorsets and $1547 for 151 flock White Suffolks.

Courtesy of Stephen Burns, THE LAND