VIC buyers purchase Kurralea White Suffolk for $20,000

Kurralea broke yet another record during their 23rd annual sale on Tuesday, this time for a new personal best White Suffolk ram price of $20,000 paid by Victorian stud, Janmac Poll Dorset &White Suffolk. Just last year the Prentice family sold the K140-18 ram for $32,000, setting a new Australian Poll Dorset auction record. This

WA buyers purchase Kurralea Poll Dorset for $32,000

In the midst of a drought Kurralea stud, Ariah Park has sold a Poll Dorset ram for $32,000, the Australian record price for a Poll Dorset ram sold at auction. The ram was purchased by Chris Squires of Western Australian Poll Dorset studs, Shirlee Downs and Dongadilling, at Kurralea’s 22nd Annual Production Sale held on

Kurralea Poll Dorset & White Suffolk sale tops at $17,000

Dugald McIndoe, Smithston Poll Dorset & White Suffolk stud, Glencoe, pipped everyone at last week’s annual Kurralea Poll Dorset & White Suffolk sale, after he took home both the top priced rams at $15,000 & $17,000. In the wrap up, 22 Poll Dorset stud rams averaged $2830, with the flock portion seeing 101, average $1048,

Kurralea genetics boost weight gain at Felix Farm

Poll Dorset & White Suffolk genetics from Kurralea stud, combined with vetch pastures, are resulting in strong weight gains for DB Ag’s prime lamb operation at Felix Farm, Ariah Park. Matt & Sam Dart, who are longtime clients of the stud, manage a 2000-ewe Dohne flock on the 1415-hectare property, one of a number of

Kurralea milestone sale tops at $18,000

Buyers from four states competed actively for the great offering of 312 Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Suffolk rams at the Prentice family’s 20th anniversary Kurralea on-property sale, Ariah Park, NSW last Tuesday (26th September). Consequently, the result saw another total clearance, topping at $18,000 and averaging $1605. The average was up $178 and the

Total clearance at Kurralea

Poll Dorset: 27 stud rams sold to $13,000, av $3324; 160 flock rams sold to $2000, av $1355.  White Suffolk: 16 stud rams sold to $4750, av $2156, and 161 flock rams sold to $1800, av $1109. LOYAL buyers from four states returned to buy all 364 Poll Dorset & White Suffolk stud and flock

Kurralea rams for assured progeny

“At Kurralea, we buy from the highest grade rams available after the auction & we always get a good selection of rams to choose from whether we want six or 12 replacement rams” –  James Baldry. James Baldry has purchased his replacement sires from Ben & Lucy Prentice’s Kurralea stud, Ariah Park, for the past

Kurralea rams top at $11,000

Kurralea Poll Dorsets & White Suffolks cleared a whopping 356 head at their on-property sale this week. The Prentice family, Ariah Park averaged $1781 overall at their 18th annual production sale, which topped at $11,000. Kurralea studmaster, Ben Prentice said after the sale he was “blown away by the results”. Top price for a stud

Kurralea average lifts to $1454

THE Prentice family’s Kurralea Poll Dorset & White Suffolk studs continue to lead the way in a buoyant prime lamb industry, with 312 rams sold for a magnificent $1454 average at Ariah Park, NSW, on Tuesday last week. Kurralea is renowned for its bigger-frame, structurally correct & high-performance rams supported by excellent Lambplan ASBVs. The