VIC buyers purchase Kurralea White Suffolk for $20,000

VIC buyers purchase Kurralea White Suffolk for $20,000

Kurralea broke yet another record during their 23rd annual sale on Tuesday, this time for a new personal best White Suffolk ram price of $20,000 paid by Victorian stud, Janmac Poll Dorset &White Suffolk.

Just last year the Prentice family sold the K140-18 ram for $32,000, setting a new Australian Poll Dorset auction record.

This year’s record came early in the White Suffolk portion where all 13 stud rams sold to average $4712, a massive $3064 up on last year.

In total 17 Poll Dorset stud rams topped at $12,000 and averaged $3706 with all 127 of the flock portion, up 89 from last year, selling to a top of $2400 and averaging $1938.

Another 139 White Suffolk flock rams sold to a top of $2400 and average $1692, $855 up from last year’s average and 10 Suffolk rams topped at $2000 to average $1140.

The top ram on the day was a son of the Anden 273-16, with a post weaning weight of 18.1, post weaning fat of -0.8, post weaning eye muscle of 1.7 combined with a carcase plus index of +213.

Grant and Bryce Hausler, Janmac Poll Dorset and White Suffolk stud, Goroke, Victoria had been purchasing from Kurralea for more than 20 years but this year was a little different with border restrictions.

“Our long-standing relationship and trust with the Prentice family and the combination of videos, photos, conversations with Ben & the homework that went into this purchase made it a little easier but it was certainly not a lightly taken decision given we couldn’t physically see him,” Grant Hausler said.

Ben Prentice, Kurralea, with buyer Andrew Hiscock, auctioneer Michael Glassor and Kim Prentice with top price Poll Dorset ram.

“The ram has an outstanding background with his extreme breeding index, powerful confirmation, the combination of both within this ram was a standout for us.

“He has extremely high growth & is also a visually appearing ram and will be used within the stud.”

It comes as the stud prepares for their on-property sale next week.

“We are hoping that with the purchase of this ram it will help take us to the next level in years to come,” Mr Hausler said.

“We are continually striving to breed the best sheep we can and purchase rams that will help take us forward.”

Also going off to stud duties was the second top price White Suffolk ram Kurralea 142-19 who was purchased by Conapaira White Suffolks, Rankin Springs, for $8000.

Top price Poll Dorset ram, Kurralea 092-19, a May drop sired by Ulandi Park 476-17 was purchased by JM Hiscock & Sons, Kilmore, Vic.

The young sire had a post weaning weight of 14.5, post weaning fat of -0.9, post weaning eye muscle of 1.8 and a carcase plus index of +197.

Buyer Andrew Hiscock said he was an overall correct ram, clean in all his points & was a little younger.

“We believe he will grow into a nice ram over the years,” he said.

Mr Hiscock also purchased another Poll Dorset ram, the first of the day, a June drop sired by Kurralea 511-17 for $7500 as well as a White Suffolk ram sired by Kurralea 127-17 for $5000.

Australian Food & Agriculture livestock general manager Justin Campbell again set the pace on the flock rams buying a total of 85 rams from both the White Suffolk and Poll Dorset drafts to average $1636.

Mr Campbell returned to Kurralea every year because of the depth of quality rams on offer.

“The rams grow out well on the plains & this gives us the opportunity to turn our lambs off their mums straight to the market at an average 45 – 50 kilograms live weight at an early age,” he said.

“It was a very strong sale throughout, but we were still able to purchase the rams we were chasing.”

Return buyers Westerns Southern Ag, Kooba Station, Darlington Point were also major buyers on the day securing 43 rams for an overall average of $2042.

At the conclusion of the sale stud principal Ben Prentice was over the moon with the results this year.

The sale was conducted by Elders with Michael Glasser, GTSM, & Joe Wilks, Elders, the auctioneers.

Courtesy of Shantelle Lord, THE LAND