Total clearance at Kurralea

Poll Dorset: 27 stud rams sold to $13,000, av $3324; 160 flock rams sold to $2000, av $1355.  White Suffolk: 16 stud rams sold to $4750, av $2156, and 161 flock rams sold to $1800, av $1109. LOYAL buyers from four states returned to buy all 364 Poll Dorset & White Suffolk stud and flock

Kurralea rams top at $11,000

Kurralea Poll Dorsets & White Suffolks cleared a whopping 356 head at their on-property sale this week. The Prentice family, Ariah Park averaged $1781 overall at their 18th annual production sale, which topped at $11,000. Kurralea studmaster, Ben Prentice said after the sale he was “blown away by the results”. Top price for a stud

Kurralea clears 309 rams

AT the annual Kurralea Poll Dorset and White Suffolk ram sale at Ariah Park, NSW, 60 successful bidders from four states provided tight competition, especially for large flock rams. In the end, all 309 head offered cleared to a $1301 average. After achieving a national-record Poll Dorset ram price of $28,000 last year, it was